We believe in beautiful and beneficial skin care products without nasty chemicals

Welcome to NizzyNaturals – We are a company that designs and creates natural and organic skin care products of highest quality. Selling chemical free skin care products is our way of making a cleaner and happier society.

We believe that with enough hard work and creativity we can create beautiful and beneficial products for our customer’s daily skin care needs. Our products are made with natural ingredients that can help with skin issues such as outbreaks, acne, eczema, scars and many other skin defects.

We do not use chemical extracts due to the level of sensitivity of the human skin and the various diseases that can develop through excessive use of chemicals.

NizzyNaturals skin care products heal without any side effects. Our products will restore your skin to its natural glow – the look you have always desired. Our products are specifically made to suit all skin types and tones.

Our products are hand made in small batches, so for every order our clients makes, they get a fresh product and not something that has been produced and kept for years before purchase. We treat our products like food; they have a shelf life and have to be fresh.

Our products do not include ingredients such chemical additives and synthetic fragrances.

When you order for a particular good or product, we want you to know that the price you will pay is relatively cheaper than the worth of the product.

We do NOT Use:
SLS- Sodium Lauryl Sulfates
Harmful Chemical Additives
Fillers-dead ingredients nothing useful (in fact are sometimes harmful)
Synthetic fragrances
None of our products are EVER tested on animals!

We DO use:
Natural ingredients
High Quality Therapeutic Grade Essential oils- these actually contain healing parts of the plants they are derived from
Extra Virgin/Cold Pressed, Butters and Oils
Mineral rich salts

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